- To manage the front desk

- Receive guests / guests registration

- Offer coffee/tea

- Serve lunch

- Manage meeting room bookings

- Arrange visitor passes

- Arrange visitor parking

- Stationery/business cards order

- Collection of daily newspapers

- Renewal of subscriptions

- Weekly grocery shopping for the office

- Replenishment of beverages for the office

- Kitchen/pantry maintenance

- Meeting room to be cleared after every meeting

- Collect post from the post office

- Miscellaneous


- Currently on a spouse or employment visa that can be transferred to a company employment visa

- Fluent Arabic and English communication skills

- 2 + years of customer service experience

- 2 + years of experience in a corporate multinational office environment

- Excellent Microsoft office skills

- Excellent written and spoken English communication skills

- Reliable and trustworthy with a friendly and helpful personality

- Well presented with corporate office attire



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